About Us

Fencap Group is a social venture capital firm sourcing and managing a fund aimed towards accelerating the flow and access of capital for enterprise development to entrepreneurs with special focus on women, youths and persons with disabilities in Kenya.

Fencap seeks to invest in people’s business ideas, we identifies capable entrepreneurs, provides them with financial capital, a nurturing environment and management services towards building scalable and impact enterprises.

As an impact investment firm we beliefs that an ‘enterprise based development approach can enhance livelihoods and reduce vulnerabilities for the dis advantaged groups and low-income populations. Fortified with these, Fencap is committed towards  funding and investing in enterprises that gainfully engage rural and economically weak populations either as producers, users or owners to deliver commercial returns with significant developmental achievements.

Our focus is on raising a sustainable impact enterprise development fund tailored towards addressing access  to  capital prolems, unlocking and positively impacting the lives of millions of people whose livelihoods directly and indirectly will depend on the sustainable enterprises set up and financed by the fund. Through income from the businesses, millions of people will be capable by themselves to access affordable housing, healthcare, and education, access to clean water, improved sanitation and clean environment.

In a decade, we seeks to have under management a diverse portfolio of high impact enterprises at various levels of growth, spanning a range of sectors, namely agriculture, education, energy, handicrafts, health water and sanitation, technology for development, affordable housing and sustainable tourism

Our 10-year goal is to deploy cumulative total portfolio of Ksh.2 Billion enterprise development fund. Secondly to nurture latent entrepreneurial talent at county level, and promote enterprise based development approach in all 47 counties towards sustainable and equitable economic growth.