Our Investment Process

Fencap conducts thorough commercial and legal due diligence for all new investments. We analyse the risk profile of each investment and monitor the development impact and financial performance of each investee on an ongoing basis. All investments are subject to a quarterly review by our management experts. Furthermore, there’s quarterly Audit and Risk review of likely risks to be faced and is used to suggest what actions should be taken to mitigate risks, where appropriate.

We also undertake development impact evaluations and seek to design our investments to ensure maximum impact is achieved. Whilst we remain committed to working with investees to guide them through all stages of the process, equally we are not willing to compromise on this process, nor our terms of business

We set measures and targets for each investment covering both financial and development performance and monitor them through the investment period.

We stay invested in a business until it is able to attract third party investment while protecting the long-term development impact and exiting through various mechanisms. Our exit is not time restrictive