Our Approach

A Paradigm Shift about philanthropy, Aid and Economic Empowerment

Governments alone cannot solve the problems of poverty; neither non state actors channeling aid directly in sectors like Health, Education, Sanitation, Environment etc. Two-thirds of the world’s population still lives in poverty, despite their efforts, hence need for new innovative approaches.

We believe refocusing aid and philanthropy towards enterprise development, two third of the worlds poor population can have a chance towards better livelihoods.

Aid and Philanthropy for enterprise development is the way to go. This concept bridges the gap between governments academic based support approaches and donors’ sectorial aid style towards social impact and poverty reduction.

Fencap takes upon itself pride in availing this new exciting model capable of bringing direct life-changing interventions that lead to economic empowerment of the poor, disadvantaged groups and low income population.

Fencap Group commits to undertaking;
1. Resource mobilization and setting up of an impact fund.
2. Funding and investing in people’s ideas that can be monetized.